Monday, January 6, 2014

Dragon Forge Design Creates New Badlands Base Series!

Be the First to get the exciting new base series from Dragon Forge Design

This is a Pre-Sale release for my new series of bases called Badlands.

Designed to give the feel of a totally desolated and broken environment free of all life.

Could be painted with many environments in mind from desert and Dried Lake Bed, Frozen Ice Worlds and even Lava Planets.

First base series from Dragon Forge Design to include the 50 mm base size.

Contains 64 uniquely designed bases

Find Badlands Here!!!

25 mm Badlands Set 1

25 mm Badlands Set 2

25 mm x 70 mm Badlands Bike Bases

30 mm Badlands 

40 mm Badlands Set 1

40 mm Badlands Set 2

40 mm x 75 mm Badlands Large Bike Bases

50 mm Badlands set 1

60 mm Badlands Set 1

60 mm Badlands Set 2

80 mm Badlands Set 1

120 mm x 90 mm Badlands Oval Set 1

60 mm x 100 mm Badlands Set 1

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