Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Items for April from Dragon Forge Design

Ill start by saying I'm sorry theirs not much info in this post and you can find all the information on the new items on my website.

Blogger continues to make me crazy every time I try to make a post. Nothing I do ever seems to work correct.

So Ill keep updates as simple as possible.

Three new items added to the store for sale.

Thanks for looking :)

120 mm x 95 mm Ancient Ruins Oval Base number 2

Crux Machina Tiles set

Trim Kit number one
Stone and Steel trim pieces.

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Base Collection from Dragon Forge Design

The UnNamed Base Collection

I started this project because of metal and creative block. Simply put, I couldn't think of anything new to do.

It happens, after doing the same thing over and over for more than 5 years the ideas just seemed to have run out.
Sure I could make another set in an existing range, that is rather easy. But I needed to work past that and try something new and different.

It's how these base here for sale were "born"

Now they are by no means a complete new series, hell I don't even know what to call them yet or even if I will continue it with more sculpts.

This is where you come in

If I sell 30 of each item proving I have a interested customer base Ill make more sets.
If I don't I sell 30 copies of each item I will move on to something new and some people will have some really cool bases in their collection.

So here you go, click "Add To Cart" and buy some if you like.
Thank you for reading this and as always if you have any questions please ask.

60 mm

60 mm break down
40 mm

40 mm break down

25 mm

25 mm break down

168 mm x 106 mm Knight Base

168 mm x 106 mm Knight Base break down

Pillar Set

Friday, April 4, 2014

3 new Sanctuary base sets from Dragon Forge Design

Added Three New Sanctuary Base Sets To The Dragon Forge Store.
Added April 4, 2014

They are the following!

The new Sanctuary-Ruins sets were designed for basing troops with jump or flight packs.
 Sanctuary-Ruins Set One RBSA-050

 Sanctuary-Ruins Set Two RBSA-051

50 mm Sanctuary RBSA-055

8 New 168 mm x 106 mm Oval Bases For Knight Titans From Dragon Forge Design

Just wanted to post some new stuff to the Blog, 8 New 168 mm x 106 mm Oval bases designed for the new Knight Titans in 8 of my popular ranges. All available for sale now in the Dragon Forge Store.

Ancient Ruins

Trench Board
 Cobblestone Rubble

 Desert Wasteland

  Urban Rubble