Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dragon Forge Design Summer Special Deals! I

As a thank you to all my customers who have supported me
I'd like to thank you with 3 Special Package offers to Kick off the summer!

Purchase the package of your choice and then send me an email with the link below

Email for Special Deal

Your list of desired products.

Please include "Product Code - Item Description- Quantity of items"

Example if you wish 3 sets 25 mm Broken Wasteland Bases

You would put RBBW-001-Broken Wasteland 25 mm base set - x 3

This helps me out, I can't remember 600+ code numbers

Terms of Special deal

Please read the following terms of these special deals

Please allow 30 Days casting, cleaning, packing and dispatch of order.
Then normal shipping times with US Mail to your destination.
Please allow 30 days from time of order to dispatch.

These specials will start Shipping July 5, 2014

Now here are the Special Deals

Small Special 

This is for $60.00 of Dragon Forge Product for $50.00
Plus shipping

Medium Special 

This is for $125.00 worth of Dragon Forge Product for $100.00
Plus shipping.

Large Special

This is for $250.00 worth of Dragon Forge Product for $200.00

Any questions, please ask!!!

I only offer specials like this 1-2 times a year so don't let it pass by!