Friday, November 27, 2015

Dragon Forge Design Launches New Kickstarter- Goth-Tech Expansions

This campaign is quite big and with lots of options. Make sure you read everything thoroughly before pledging. Please ask questions if you need clarifications to anything.  

Goth-Tech Additions 
Since their launch,The two Goth-Tech base series have been very popular for those wishing a light technical almost Steampunk feel for their basing needs for 28 mm gaming miniatures. But since their initial launch, many new base sizes have been created that needed to be addressed in the Goth-Tech lines 

This is where Goth-Tech Expansions comes in 
Goth-Tech Expansions brings all the new base sizes needed to the Goth-Tech bevel edge base series for popular miniature games. 

The Round lip set is a complete companion set to my popular round lip series.  It will compliment the existing Goth-Tech series and expand it to one of my largest round lip base series.

Please have a look.



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