Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dragon Forge Design is working on a new base series titled E-Gypt Check it out!

I've started sculpting a new base series I'm currently calling E-Gypt. Its a Ancient Egyptian inspired set of bases.

So far I have done 32 mm, 40 mm and a 60 mm sets with more in progress.

Here are some pictures, these are of the actual sculpts before molding.

I have set up a page on my website for them and I am now taking orders.

You can order them here

More to come...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Goth-Tech with Bevel edge added to site at Dragon Forge Design

Today I started adding new sets of Goth-Tech bevel edged base sets to the site., These were from my Goth-Tech Expansions Kickstarter that was from back in December 2015.

I put the first 4 new sets up tonight. They are the following-

32 mm Goth-Tech Set One - Set of 10 bases
50 mm Goth-Tech Set one -  Set of 3 bases
80 mm Goth-Tech Set One - Set of 1 base
60 mm x 35 mm Goth-Tech Set One - Set of 3 bases

You can find them at

More Sets to follow soon...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New 130 mm Urban Rubble base sculpt from Dragon Forge

I finished the new 130 mm Urban Rubble base sculpt. Currently being molded but is in the store now for ordering.

You can find it here

New Oval Urban Rubble Base sizes at Dragon Forge Design.

I have now added all the new oval base sizes to the Urban Rubble bevel edges base.

They are the following sets

60 mm x 35 mm Urban Rubble set of three bases for $10.00
70 mm x 45 mm  Urban Rubble set of one base for $5.00 ( Three variants)
90 mm x 55 mm Urban Rubble set of one base for $7.00 ( Two variants)
105 mm x 70 mm Urban Rubble of one base for $8.00 (Two variants)

As always you can find them at Dragon Forge Design

( Yup I know I have a typo on most of the images, It is Urban Rubble not Uran.. Ill fit it when I have time)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Some new desecrated Lands sets painted from Dragon Forge Design

Painted some of the new Desecrated Lands Base sets

170 mm x 105 mm knight sized base Desecrated Lands
50 mm set of three bases  Desecrated Lands
90 mm x 55 mm set one  Desecrated Lands
90 mm x 55 mm set two  Desecrated Lands

You can find them here at Dragon Forge Design

Thursday, September 8, 2016

New 170 mm Oval Ice World II base painted from Dragon Forge Design

Here is a painted copy of my new Ice World II 170 mm x 105 mm Oval Knight base painted in Icy colors.

Was primed white and then base coated with Ceramite white followed by liberal washes of Teclis Blue and The Fang. One dried the whole thing was dry brushed with many thin layers of Ceramite white with a large 3/4 inch wide flat brush.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

35 hours to go on Dragon Forge Designs Oakk - Wooden Floor Kickstarter

Hey, I have only 35 hours left on my Oakk Wooden Floor Bases Kickstarter!

If you have not yet checked it out theirs still time..

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New 80 mm Urban Rubble Sculpt done and in store

I finished the 80 mm Urban Rubble base and will be putting it into a mold tomorrow.

I added it to the site for orders.

You can find it at,

Dragon Forge Design Store-Urban Rubble

3 New Urban Rubble Sets Added to store at Dragon Forge Design

I added 3 new Urban Rubble sets with a bevel edge to the Dragon Forge Store

50 mm Urban Rubble set of 3 bases for $13.50
55 mm Urban Rubble Set One for $5.00
55 mm Urban Rubble Set Two for $5.00

They can be found in the store at

Dragon Forge Design

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Desecrated Lands Round Lip Profile base series at Dragon Forge Desaign

Tonight I added a new Round Lip style Base series called Desecrated Lands to the Dragon Forge Store. Like my bevel edge series but not for collectors of round lip style miniatures and games.

It has all base sizes from, 30 mm, 40mm, 50 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm.

You can find it here
Dragon Forge Design

30 mm Desecrated Lands

Monday, May 16, 2016

Limited Edition 60 mm NECROSE-XIII BASE Available only in the month of May

May 26 is my 51st birthday and to celebrate it every order placed in the month of May for $30
or more may add one to their order for the price of $.26 cents.

Sculpted by the talented Chris Borer for Dragon Forge it can be yours only this month.

You can find the information here at Dragon Forge Design

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3 new sets added to the Dragon Forge Store

What is this? Three Blog posts in one day?

I just added three new base sets to The Dragon Forge Store

You can find them at Dragon Forge Design

90 mm x bb mm Broken Wasteland Set One (1)

90 mm x bb mm Broken Wasteland Set Two (2)

170 mm Goth-Tech "Clock Work" Knight Base Set Three (3)

Skulls now in Dragon Forge Store!

I added the sets of  28 mm human skulls in the dragon forge store.

They are to set sizes

50+ 28 mm Skulls in a bag for $15.00

100+ 28 mm skuls in a bag $25.00

Cast in urethane resin, great for conversions and anytime you need that extra skull.

These are the skulls from my very successful Kickstarter I ran last year finally aded to my website!

You can find them here

Thanks for looking!

New Terrain on Dragon Forge Design Site

Hi Everyone

Ive aded two new sets of Terrain on the site. Both are wall sets.The firtst is a Crate wall barricae set composed of 5 pieces. $40.00

You can find them here

The second are the Goth-Wall sections designed to go with my Goth-Tech Series of bases.

This is 3 different sets.

The first being a set of 4 5" long wall sections.$30.00
The second a set of 2  90 degree corners $10.00
The third a  set of 2  45 degree corners $10.00

You can find them here

Thank you for looking,


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NECROSE-XIII A new base series under development at Dragon Forge Design

I have begun sculpting a new base series I have named NECROSE-XIII

NECROSE-XIII Is a Death Planet..

   The Death Nebula. It was a spacer's ghost story about a cosmic cloud that would appear, envelop a populated world, and disappear, taking the world with it. Few believed in the tall tales told by spacers in waystation taprooms... but at the same time none would openly discount the Death Nebula either. Navigators even had an official name for it: The Necrose Nebula. 
     Three thousand years ago by the Galactic Standard Calendar, Jittannia Prime was swallowed up by the Death Nebula. It was, at the time, the thirteenth planet know to have suffered that fate. Many mourned the loss of twenty seven billion souls, while others mourned the loss of the research and design facilities located there. Seven Galactic Standard months ago, Jittannia Prime became the first world ever to reappear. It was no longer in the Jittannia System, but the faintly whispering world beacon was clearly the same, none the less.
     To avoid navigational confusion, Jittannia Prime has a new, chilling designation: Necrose XIII. Planet wide salvage rights are open for any brave enough to jump there, strong enough to recover lost tech, and lucky enough to escape. 

How badly do you want riches and glory?

The series so far has nice sets sculpted with more in the works.

If you wish to check it out and preorder sets, you can go here.
NECROSE-XIII Development Page.

Here are a few pictures, more on the page.

25 mm necrose-xiii

32 mm necrose-xiii

40 mm necrose-xiii

50 mm necrose-xiii