Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NECROSE-XIII A new base series under development at Dragon Forge Design

I have begun sculpting a new base series I have named NECROSE-XIII

NECROSE-XIII Is a Death Planet..

   The Death Nebula. It was a spacer's ghost story about a cosmic cloud that would appear, envelop a populated world, and disappear, taking the world with it. Few believed in the tall tales told by spacers in waystation taprooms... but at the same time none would openly discount the Death Nebula either. Navigators even had an official name for it: The Necrose Nebula. 
     Three thousand years ago by the Galactic Standard Calendar, Jittannia Prime was swallowed up by the Death Nebula. It was, at the time, the thirteenth planet know to have suffered that fate. Many mourned the loss of twenty seven billion souls, while others mourned the loss of the research and design facilities located there. Seven Galactic Standard months ago, Jittannia Prime became the first world ever to reappear. It was no longer in the Jittannia System, but the faintly whispering world beacon was clearly the same, none the less.
     To avoid navigational confusion, Jittannia Prime has a new, chilling designation: Necrose XIII. Planet wide salvage rights are open for any brave enough to jump there, strong enough to recover lost tech, and lucky enough to escape. 

How badly do you want riches and glory?

The series so far has nice sets sculpted with more in the works.

If you wish to check it out and preorder sets, you can go here.
NECROSE-XIII Development Page.

Here are a few pictures, more on the page.

25 mm necrose-xiii

32 mm necrose-xiii

40 mm necrose-xiii

50 mm necrose-xiii