Monday, May 23, 2016

New Desecrated Lands Round Lip Profile base series at Dragon Forge Desaign

Tonight I added a new Round Lip style Base series called Desecrated Lands to the Dragon Forge Store. Like my bevel edge series but not for collectors of round lip style miniatures and games.

It has all base sizes from, 30 mm, 40mm, 50 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm.

You can find it here
Dragon Forge Design

30 mm Desecrated Lands

Monday, May 16, 2016

Limited Edition 60 mm NECROSE-XIII BASE Available only in the month of May

May 26 is my 51st birthday and to celebrate it every order placed in the month of May for $30
or more may add one to their order for the price of $.26 cents.

Sculpted by the talented Chris Borer for Dragon Forge it can be yours only this month.

You can find the information here at Dragon Forge Design

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3 new sets added to the Dragon Forge Store

What is this? Three Blog posts in one day?

I just added three new base sets to The Dragon Forge Store

You can find them at Dragon Forge Design

90 mm x bb mm Broken Wasteland Set One (1)

90 mm x bb mm Broken Wasteland Set Two (2)

170 mm Goth-Tech "Clock Work" Knight Base Set Three (3)

Skulls now in Dragon Forge Store!

I added the sets of  28 mm human skulls in the dragon forge store.

They are to set sizes

50+ 28 mm Skulls in a bag for $15.00

100+ 28 mm skuls in a bag $25.00

Cast in urethane resin, great for conversions and anytime you need that extra skull.

These are the skulls from my very successful Kickstarter I ran last year finally aded to my website!

You can find them here

Thanks for looking!

New Terrain on Dragon Forge Design Site

Hi Everyone

Ive aded two new sets of Terrain on the site. Both are wall sets.The firtst is a Crate wall barricae set composed of 5 pieces. $40.00

You can find them here

The second are the Goth-Wall sections designed to go with my Goth-Tech Series of bases.

This is 3 different sets.

The first being a set of 4 5" long wall sections.$30.00
The second a set of 2  90 degree corners $10.00
The third a  set of 2  45 degree corners $10.00

You can find them here

Thank you for looking,