Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Oval Urban Rubble Base sizes at Dragon Forge Design.

I have now added all the new oval base sizes to the Urban Rubble bevel edges base.

They are the following sets

60 mm x 35 mm Urban Rubble set of three bases for $10.00
70 mm x 45 mm  Urban Rubble set of one base for $5.00 ( Three variants)
90 mm x 55 mm Urban Rubble set of one base for $7.00 ( Two variants)
105 mm x 70 mm Urban Rubble of one base for $8.00 (Two variants)

As always you can find them at Dragon Forge Design

( Yup I know I have a typo on most of the images, It is Urban Rubble not Uran.. Ill fit it when I have time)

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